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Hospitals/Physician Groups

Insurance Follow-Up

Provide resources to follow up on insurance claims to request payment and to resolve claims
in a timely manner:

  • Workers Comp
  • Commercial
  • Blue Cross
  • Auto
  • Medicare Part A and B
  • Secondary Billing
  • HMO

Self Pay

Settlement Programs
Quick resolution of time payment accounts (contract accounts). One time offer under Penn Billing or client’s name. This program can be used on self-pay accounts to help bring in extra cash flow.

Customer Service Calling and Letter Service
Provide customer service representatives to call as an extension of your business office to request payment or to find out the disposition of an account. Send customer service letters requesting payments.

Self-Pay Receivable Management and Monitoring
Provide resources to help monitor time payments, to provide customer service representatives to make reminder calls and send out monthly statements

Charity Care Programs
Provide a customer service representative that will try and validate if the patient will qualify for charity care. If we find a person who could qualify for the charity care program, we will send out an information packet to the patient/guarantor.

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